the neighbor’s trash

the teen screams

that rip through the street

they tear down

scotch tape screen doors

and hurl them

onto summer lawns

and all the wrong things

get inside the house

and all the best things


drunken fathers

and unleashed pets

pissing on neighbors lawns

i want to go explain

to him

that even if his daughters a freak

he can’t tell her she deserves

the bad things

that will happen to her

another neighbor is chopping wood

with way too much purpose

cars keep starting

but not going anywhere

drunken dysfunction

echoing through the canyons

and like a wounded animal

the father stumbles

down the street

he says he’s going monday

to get a restraining order

against his sixteen year old daughter

he’s out of sight now

but still mumbling to himself

“there’s a light


near the center of my life

but it’s so dark

around wherever it is

that i am now”

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