a field of wheat and stars

there are so many reasons
not to have any reason
just to feel our way along
the places
that need to be touched
the places
that haven’t been noticed
i don’t
want to capture you
i wanna free you up
feel you up
feel me grow up

but not quickly
not all at once
in time
to the beat of a heart
the keys
that make the notes
that make the song
a hidden passage
by gentle persuasion

all we ask is to be seen
and understood
if only for a night
or a second
or third glance
we are both hiding
inside expectation
we are reaching for something
and we don’t know what it is
there is a field of stars
between the tables
where both of us sit

and there are my hands
inside my thoughts
extending themselves
along a plain of driftless skin
golden expanses of wide open spaces
pastures of radiant wheat
which hide below the surface

i often brush against things that may not be there


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