last night a dj saved my life

our hearts walk the tightrope

a hundred thousand feet above sea level

and the greater the distance between us

the more likely we are not to make it

the air is almost space

up here

above the cloudline depression

that pushes the atmosphere down

we could just let go

and let ourselves orbit

around this strange planet

with its rules of engagement

and physics

that seem to allow for almost anything

even if almost nothing happens

the earth

seems to want to feel the soles of our feet

or maybe it wants to hear our souls

go “beat”

it makes us hallucinate

and hear voices

that might not be there

block rockin’ beats

that block out the feelings

we have when we meet

there is no soft landing

in fact

there is no landing at all

there is only falling

an ocean of gravity

heavier than our hearts

and an anchor tied around mine

pulling me below the surface

you said

“always leave them wanting more

but never leave

until you’ve had enough”

if i drown

it will be because

i have drank too much

and breathed too little

and that’s gonna have to be okay

because i would rather have had too much

than to have ended it

wanting more

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