the wisdom of crowds

your bow

is drawn


at the center ring

that you have painted

around your frustrations

around the symbol

of what is so wrong

about the things

that could be so right

your aim

is straight

and true

but your mark is misguided

you will hit the heart of the matter

but it is not matter

that needs to be pierced

it is not the murderer

it is not the politician

it is not the group of men

that are in the streets

throwing stones

at the sinner

it is not the tv host

with his misdirection

and foul deeds

it is not the grand canyon state

that seems to have cracked

open so wide

that it is leaking the colors

that once painted its desert

it is not any of these things

that should be in your cross-hairs

the only thing worthy of execution

the only thing that needs to be gotten rid of

is our indifference

and that cannot be hit with a single bullet

or a bomb

it cannot be taken out in a massacre

or a televised standoff

there is no target that can contain

the millions of us who stand by

and let these things happen

not knowing or not believing

that we can make a difference

they want you to think

that evil walks alone

but it isn’t so

evil travels in packs

and the devil isn’t in the details

it’s in the generalities

david wojnarowicz, untitled (buffalo), 1988

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