there are moments

when i want to break away

from where the path seems to be going

not because i know

where it leads

or because i don’t know

but because

there is a feeling

that something is there

off to the side

in the beaten bush

where voices

disguised as animal noises

seem to speak about a shape

that i can make out

if i close my eyes

and hide my thoughts

not something about me

but something about someone

that means something to me

and even though i don’t know anything

at least i know that i don’t know

which after a brief moment of terror

is comforting

you get to choose

whether you carry around all this heavy shit

for the rest of your life

if you chip away

at all the parts of the massive rock

that you do not recognize

or cannot feel in your heart

to be true

you will end up with a small stone

it will rest lightly

in the palm of your hand

it may not give you any answers

you may not be able to tell what it means

but at least it will fit in your pocket

until you can


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