the way you come together makes me want to take you apart

it’s the way you come together

that makes me want to take you apart

you who appeared out of nowhere

and now turn up everywhere

is there a place

where my words could press

that would open you up

at the base of this slope

where the park ends

and the city streets busy themselves

with bridge and tunnels

is there a way i could stand

where the light

would catch my intentions

and make them seem honest

and more beautiful

than they might be

is there somewhere

where we could go

where they could go

where he could go

everybody’s got directions

but they have no idea

where they are going

what if we could keep perfectly still

and without a sound

climb inside each other

right here

in the bar

in the alleyway

in the field

that’s out there


waiting for us

to peel off our summer skin

so that we can fall

like the dead leaves

onto the dirty ground

maybe we need a song

maybe just a verse

maybe just a note

that we could climb

like a rope

something to escape with

i don’t want a map

i want to wander

i want to talk

well maybe less talk

there is so much to find out

that doesn’t need words

there are sentences that shoot

out of our fingertips

and whole books

that are written

in the blink of an eye

your eyes

are the places that as children

we would go to swim

private property

places that belonged to someone else

water that was so deep

that we could never touch the bottom

there are rules that we break

we break them

before they break us

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