the primrose seed

i brush the two platinum strands that dance with your lashes

and cause you to stir

i can’t help but run my hand through the rest of the softness

i see sparkles

you put on a show for me

and i am that


sleeping but awake

i spend the night exploring your lines and curves

they are a map

a blueprint of my desire

i locate myself along these coordinates

and position my body at various points of interest

i stand guard for you tonight

i watch over you

and the gods have my back because of this

exposed and unarmed

yet i have faith

i will come out the other side


my time here is a gift

not a distraction

i treat every letter and thought as if it were the first

and last

each step we take together holds the vitality and spark

of birth and death

no future

no past


you say as a child

you dreamt of a life in eden

tasting vedic nectar and mother’s milk

you are the garden and always have been

and for lack of proximity

i will tend to you from afar

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