what we carry

there are these times

and these times

don’t keep track of minutes

they hold onto years

with a grip that makes it all fit

into the palm of our hand

where we can weigh what we’ve done

and what we forgot to do


the weight

the goddamn weight

isn’t in our hands though

it’s in our heart


our heart with its comic book strength

strong enough

to leap massive mistakes

in a single bound

strong enough to pull us out of

rocket propelled tailspins

jet-fueled self destruction


our heart is stronger than anything else

from what it was born to do

and what we have made it do

it will hold anything we put inside


but be careful how heavy it gets

be careful what you hold on to


because our heart can take anything we give it

but the rest of us

the rest of us

can barely hold on to the moment

chris burden, stairway to heaven (2004)


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