bonnie and clyde

and the money

the money

the money that we owe

could never buy back forgiveness

from everything we know


it’s the things you can’t touch

that hold you in the end

it’s the arms that don’t shoot

and the words that don’t pretend


i still owe you

for the time

in the back of the car

you took something from me

that i’d carried too far


and i’ll wait here

for something

for something i know

when i see it go by

i’ll be ready to go


and the feeling

of falling

of falling i know

i never realized how high we were

til i looked down below


and i’ll be there


forever i know

i was okay with it ending

but now that i know


i want to hold you

to hold you

so that you can get through

i never thought about myself

until i realized it’s you

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