greetings from arizona, wish you were here

you are walking
in sandals
caked in blood
that belong to others
as well as yourself
towards a certain kind
of bethlehem
across the arroyos and ravines
away from family
and the warmth of home

into the arms of america
that squeeze
the air from your body
and the commerce
from your blood

just to let you know
that you don’t belong

there is independence
to be gained
but not here
not in this land
where the fruits of your labor
are mashed
like the bones of your family
to make the wine
drunk at the dinner parties
and offered up
as the blood of la luz

we are a country
of immigrants
and a band
of outsiders
that have forgotten
what that freedom means
and who we even are

there are more people celebrating
cinco de mayo
in arizona
than in the whole of mexico

for most
it’s a reason to sell beer
or to drink it
but for some
there is still
such a thing
as independence

if not from the letter of the law
then at least from the words
that hide their true meaning

“it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”- emiliano zapata

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