to catch a thief

i tried to see past the stars

but i just kept getting lost in the sparkle

moving through these bodies

to get to you

i’m so damn mortal

late like a broken clock

distracted by the way she walked


i’m moving through these miles

like blue notes on a baritone

i see the sex in saxophone

i talked to you on a telephone

but it wasn’t you who answered


that’s okay, though

it takes a thief to catch a thief

so i mainline pain

to find relief

i bide my time and bite my tongue

i hide my heart

to quiet its hum


like quick sex

and quick sand

i’m sinking in to foreign land

waiting neath your window pane

in the alley, in the rain

i just want to see your face again

to make me sure

to make it plain


cause if there’s one thing

i know to be true

it’s that one plus one

is never two

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