disembodied dream #184

i ran

from everything

i knew

or thought i knew

until i ran into myself


i was standing there

by the bridge

where we first met

for the last time


and i couldn’t breathe


i told myself

it was going to be alright

but there was no way

it was going to be alright


everything was crashing

into everything else

people stopped asking questions

and no one could say i love you



but i was standing there


at myself

i seemed so comfortable

in my own skin


i took my hand

and i said to me

the end has come

and it is just the beginning


when i gave my hand to myself

there was a light

that came from the inside

it said it was here to stay


just like you said

in the morning

by the river

when we let ourselves drop

knowing there was no place to land

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