raise the dead

where were we before all this


in eden drinking from streams

slipping in and out of each other’s bodies

sipping the nectar

that dripped

from the edges of our unconscious

being whoever we wanted


we weren’t waiting on the miracle

we were the miracle

before the flowers

and the dinosaurs

turned to oil

before the sun and the moon

split up

with shared custody

of the sky

alimony payments to bartenders

and tax deductible charity organizations


night and day

used to be the same thing

before the divorce

before the taxis

ran across my feet

before my eyes turned to blanks

before the fiery crash

that left us in pieces

pieces that we are looking for

without even knowing it


we are searching for something

that’s on the tip of our tongues

a word

that gets stuck in the back of our throats

that hides in the back of our minds

and weighs

at the bottom of our hearts


the maps we made won’t help us

the rules we follow won’t guide us

there is no direction home

because we are already there


burn your thoughts in the temple

and then burn the temple


photo: http://tripleviii.deviantart.com

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