Broken Record @ Litquake


saturday, october 16th, 2014

in the mission

a moment
for you to tell us about
a moment
where music
has taken you somewhere
a song
whispering through the car window
electrifying you
a radio
crackling like a summer lawn
a moment
at the show in peoria
a code that broke
in the crowd
and for just that moment
you weren’t the only one

and after you’ve told us that story
give us a cover song
that brings it all home
doesn’t matter
if you can’t play
doesn’t matter
if you can’t sing

just tell us your story
and give us your song


disembodied poetics and Litquake present BROKEN RECORD, an exploration of music’s influence in literature. Five well known artists (I know them well so that’s what counts) tell personal stories about how a musical artist, song, or experience inspired them. Then they cover a song that encapsulates their story in any way they see fit.


Lyz is at the epicenter of cool in SF right now. Her wildly successful series, UnderCover, puts local musicians in front of huge sold-out audiences and connects us with how lucky we are to live in the Bay Area. In her “spare” time she also works at ArtSpan organizing SF Open Studios.

Andrew is one of the great poets of North Beach tradition and an expert in Spanish wine. A musician, an interloper and a scholar he is known only for the things he makes known. #namedropswamp

A writer, a mensch, a spiritual saboteur, whose very existence means there is hope for humanity. Evan has columns and articles in most papers of note in the Bay Area, including The Chronicle and SF Weekly.

Quiet Lightning board member and author of Such Great Heights: A Novel. Chris has been published in several publications, including the non-tasteful ones. He writes regularly at Disembodied Poetics and on scraps of paper that end up in the trash or pasted onto collages that he offers for free in alleyways across the heartland.

Dani writes because she has to, not because you want her to. Okay, maybe just a little. You can find her first book Dendrophillia: And other Social Taboos in stores, and her writing on the wall.

Plus Special Guests…

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