i paint it black

you sing
what you mean
you give
give it away

in the late night hours
in late night towers
you give
give it away

for the souls of the departed
and for the almost gone
there’s a whisper she’s left you
but it’s trapped in her song

for the thousand petals falling
on the places you’ve never seen
she has no beginning and end
just endless in betweens

i paint
you black at night
so when they seek
they shall not find

the subtleness
and milky white
of the constellations
and your points of light

for the ones that have departed
before the ending of your song
they know not what they do
and if they did, they’d all be wrong

for the many places in my mind
where the memory of you keeps
there’s a man in me stays up all night
and a lesser one that sleeps

i paint
you black at night
so when i look
you’re all i can see

’cause even when it’s hidden
i can always see your light
and when the day it hides the darkness
i can always see your night

for the rooms she has departed
and the ones that heard her song
there’s a whisper we can hear sometimes
and a note that says, so long

for the 69 million stars falling from the sky
and all the ones still alive hiding in her eyes
there’s a love that’s being born again
and one that slowly dies

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