the laws of attraction

i haven’t tasted you

but i can feel your name on my lips

as i say it

and i get the sense

that we have been woven together

in the memory thread of things past

the celestial quilt

that keep galaxies warm

and some of us

up all night


we have known

what the inside of each other

looks like

in some other land

it wasn’t called america

it wasn’t called anything

i have seen the colors of your petals

as they floated towards me

from up the river

and i followed them

and found you there

in your garden

hands lifted up to god

honey dripping from your thighs

you are who the morning gets up for

and you are what makes the sun so tired

that it has to lie down at night

i love you

i don’t know you

i love you

i probably never will

i love you

and that’s all that i need

from far away

and from right there

just inside your soul

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