twilight radio

you don’t have to believe anymore

it’s all come true

your years spent as a sinner

let you know

what it means to be a saint

and you’ve rolled seven

so many times

on those street corners

those streets

that walk by themselves

and no one can count that high


you let the devil in

just so you could see what he’s all about

and you found out

he wasn’t enough


there are roads

that they forgot to name

and jimmy and elvis and chet

they know who you are

and when your songs come up

on that twilight radio

in that old convertible

they stop talking

and just listen

they forget

that those are stars up there

in the desert sky

on that forgotten highway where they roll

they forget

for that five minutes

that there is such a thing

as death

or life


because there is neither

there is both


there is you

running away from home

just so you could find a way back

there is you

being hustled

there is you

learning the wrong way

because that’s how you find out

what’s right


they say one day at a time

because there is only one day

they tell you to give yourself

to a higher power

but there isn’t a higher power

than yourself

and that’s why it’s so hard

you have to find god

in the most unlikely of places


you aren’t looking for the light, kid

you are the light

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