will you allow me to explore every inch, as if it were a mile

it’s the faith
that comes from your fingertips
that makes me a believer
the way that look
just rolled off your lashes
and landed in the one place
i thought i could hide

you called me out
and then took me in
deeper than i thought was possible
your irises
with their unlimited exposure
capturing the darkness
that the light has made

i want everything
and expect nothing
i want nothing
and expect everything

will you allow me to explore
every inch
as if it were a mile
will you lay down tracks
with beats and maps
that lead me to where you want to be
because there are no roads
talk me down
from the great heights
where expectation has placed us
help me unravel this mortal coil
we are wound up in

say my name
as if it were a single note
that could shatter the illusion
that we are separate beings
use your voice to break the glass
that is there in case of emergency
just one note
held up high
and stretching forever
across this full moon night
across the plain states and fertile crescents

bent by perfection
i form the shape of a bow
there is no question that i am aiming towards your center
and the only reason i am afraid to let go
is the fear that i will pass right through you

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