explosions in the sky

when i think of you
we are underwater
not all the way
but mostly
our hands wet in july
slippery enough
to reach just about anything
as long as we don’t hold on too tight

it was before i left town
for the first time
our limbs
brushed against each other
first accidentally
and then on purpose
so much purpose
the little that covered us
came off
turned on
your legs finally
wrapped around mine
to keep yourself afloat
to keep both of us floating
as they waited for us by the shore
both of them
almost able to see
wondering what we were doing
knowing what we were doing
they didn’t matter
nothing mattered
except the way the sky kept falling
into the quarry
and that song kept playing in my head
it was a blue light
that was coming from your body
smooth as a star
the sparks kept shooting
out of you
into me
into me
out of you