heart attack queen

my cadillac woman with her corvette stare

lets me inside and shows me where.

the engines on fire and the lines are red.

let me inside to ease your head.

her rocket fuel burns for miles and miles

the ticket holder’s they fill the aisles

out of the gates and around the track

love me so hard give me heart attack

bridge: the rush of machines and metallic death

the way she winds as I feel her breath

sounds that come as she rounds the bend

blow me back and make me spin.

1,000,000 miles an hour, my heart attack queen makes me rise like a tower.

touchin’ heaven above, at the speed of light, my baby sends me love.

runnin’ in place will make me spin,

that’s when my baby let’s me in.

she comes back around to let me know,

i got enough gas for where we need to go.

cotton candy and checkered flags

my baby knows when i need her bad

she comes screamin’ from miles away

into my heart from the interstate.

bridge: the pain’s in the pleasure

and the pleasure’s in the pain.

my baby’s spread out along my power train.

1,000,0000 miles an hour, my heart attack queen’s got a sacred flower.

growin’ from ashes and gasoline, she lifts me up so I can see.

1,000,000 miles an hour, my heart attack queen gives me love by the hour.

she rides free will and destiny, one hand on the wheel and the other on me.

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