just too late

well you can see by the stars

in the back of her eyes

that she has other dreams

and a brilliant disguise.

runnin on fumes,

your hands grip the wheel.

on a saturday night

no one knows how you feel

i went to the city

and i learned how to dance

with the nuyorican boys

who bleed romance.


they gave me the answers

so i wouldn’t need to ask

the way that a woman

likes to use your hands.

am i just too late?

did i hear you say you’d wait?

and it’s the hardest part,

seein when it’s after dark

rollin through the rainbow’s arc,

practicing the darkest arts

of lovin you…

well I went to the country

and I found myself a wife.

and we did all the things

that we could to survive.

we ended up broke

in the company store.

when we spent our last dime,

they kicked us out the door.


can’t find a break.

even in a broken world.

so i picked up the pieces

and i found another girl.

and is it just too late?

you always said you’d wait.

and it’s a warning sign,

tied to the end of the line.

i stopped to read your mind,

it said i’m wasting time

by lovin’ you…

so I went back to dodge

and i bought me a gun.

i learned how to shoot

and i learned how to run.


the best things in life

can only be stolen.

if there’s a way to move forward

it’s just to keep on rollin’.

cause its not too late.

but there ain’t no time to waste.

get in the car right now,

we’re gonna make it there some how.

even though the sun is low,

i know all i need to know

about lovin you…

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