my coney island baby

my coney island baby

she feeds me and she saves me

sends me down the boardwalk,

makes me hustle for my meals

a taste of this a taste of that

I dropped a coin into the old man’s hat.

a penny for your thoughts and a dime for your dreams

you can find a better man, but he won’t give you what you need

my coney island baby

i’m driven and I’m crazy

i’ve been to the east and was borne to the west,

but she knows the parts of me that I like the best

she sings to me in the key of e

she plays me records that no one keeps

you can’t find a better woman to give me what I need.

my coney island baby

all I need to know she gave me

i’ve been up and I’ve been down

I’ve been drunk all over town

you can keep your marilyn and your joan of arc

you can have your court and have your spark.

you can’t find a better woman before or after dark

than my coney island baby.

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