the dirt is clean

city of lights, can you feel when your friends hurt? strung out on hollywood blvd how much is enough. there are those that measure life in teaspoons and millimeters and diamond encrusted adidas. i shot up sunset on my way to the airport and she shot up in the alley behind the dumpster. two different lives, parallel together on the same square mile of bedrock and commerce. i know her not by sight or breath but she is out there and i am too and yet there is no knowledge or map that brings us together. i only find her now in my rearview of possibility and think, she is out there. i don’t know her and have never met her, but she is out there. i can do something, i think, then nothing gets in the way. the way of the peaceful junkie melting into the sidewalks of dawn. they collect like loose ends and retreat into the shelters. and for some the motels paid by benefactors with crooked teeth. for the sun is so bright. it only shows the dark places that they keep hidden. at any cost.

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