I left the trampoline and c came with me. they were making fun of me cause i wouldn’t flip. the brothers who made 10 foot pyramids out of chewing tobacco tins, they owned the tramp and the street kid’s did their bidding. c and i were neighbors on either side; special privileges and special punishments. they took us once to 7-11 where we got our slurpee and garbage pail kids and cracked mags. we bought happy days brand chewing tobacco. the guy at the counter actually sold it to us. we were 10. it was the taste of being an adult. bitter, disgusting, but cool. we got in the back of the truck, riding in the bed, white knuckled as they took the speedbumps at 40. i washed the taste of tobacco from my mouth by gargling slurpee and pretended to not let the tin fall from my hands onto the rushing street below.

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