8 is not ∞

was the number 8 chosen to intimidate?
chosen because turned on its side it makes us think this is forever?
do they believe a simple parlor trick will hide the truth?

they made us say yes to “no”
now the best minds of our generation are forced to bleed
to fight for a right that has no right to be taken away

i cannot afford to have my passions fighting for this right
yet i must
you have now taken a slice of my attention away from my children
because i cannot morally let you walk over my constitution
or my brothers and sisters
i cannot let you soil my dead mother’s intentions to have been married to her girlfriend
i have to do something about it

you forced me to vote no to say yes
yes to freedom
yes to equality
yes to separation of church and hate

such a powerful word, no
powerful in the empty promise it delivers
short for no-thing

to make us say yes by saying no is the trick of your devil
so we will trick your devil back
we will soil your institutional marriage
we will marry our brothers and sisters and cousins and household pets
we will marry the pope and the legislature and the lds
we will marry the h8rs who can turn off the home shopping network just long enough to document their bigotry and ignorance

we are married to you now, opposition
you may ask for a divorce, but you will burn in hell

my blood pours into your breakfast cereal and infects you with love and tolerance
an iv drip of consciousness, not morphine, to heal your ailing heart
marriage has died today in the state of california, for you made us vote no to saving i

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