two ships

there is a song i want to be sung
or maybe one that i want to sing
in paths that cross and keep on going

even if you don’t look back, i will
i’ll even sit down cross-legged on the sidewalk
with a coffee and a corncob pipe
smoking the ashes of elders
and elderberry

i will hum new tunes
just like the ones i forgot
and i’ll sit there
as you fade into the distance
and fold into the vapors of street traffic and bus smoke

long after you’ve left my eyes
i will remember

i’ll get up again and keep walking
these miles
with these eyes
with these dreams
and these wishes
and then i’ll forget

until the smell of nicotine and roses re-enters my atmosphere
and fragments of some emotion drift across my path
maybe then i’ll think of you
or someone who i thought you were

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